Wall Space Gallery Presents 

David Lidbetter: silent spaces

  • 358 Richmond Road
  • Ottawa, ON K2A 0E8
  • 613-729-0003

Vernissage: December 8th, 2016 from 6-8 PM

During the month of December, WALL SPACE Gallery is proud to present the gallery's first solo exhibition for Ottawa artist, David Lidbetter.

After many years of exploring various mediums and subject matter, David Lidbetter has spent his most recent years painting highly identifiable and unquestionably Canadian landscapes in oil. David will spend hours and sometimes days in local forests and nearby lakes photographing, studying, sketching and absorbing the information he will later turn into larger paintings. He works primarily in oil on board and has recently extended to casein and watercolours. He works close to his home and studio in Ottawa, Canada, in areas like Temagami, Gatineau and Algonquin Park. Lidbetter is inspired by traditional Canadian landscape painters including the Group of Seven and abstract expressionists such as Franz Kline and Robert Motherwell. Lidbetter writes of his artistic process:

"I look for inspiration in what may be considered bleak and desolate landscapes [...] By looking past what one might consider the more conventional beauty of nature, I attempt to illuminate the unexpected [...] I love the surprising natural sense of balance and design found in landscape. The line, the abstract space and fractured colour are what interest me most [...] For me, my landscapes must have an emotional content. Feelings of isolation, solitude and quiet pervade in my works. I am not interested in painting pretty pictures." - David Lidbetter