"I paint what I know. I am interested in what happens in shadows and how the cityscape relates to its sky. As the minutes and hours pass through a day, the character of a space changes. I want to capture the essence of that space as it exists and capture its mood in portrait. The shapes cut by the wires and cast shadows are watch capture my attention and in turn are the principle subjects of my paintings."

Stewart has extensive training in the arts with a four year Associate diploma in Drawing and Painting for OCAD (Ontario College of Art and Design) as well as having graduated from Sheridan College's prestigious Classical Animation program. Stewart has been involved in many projects over the last 10 years with work in commercials, animation industry, in addition to having many solo and group shows.

Stewart continues to paint from his travels and has exhibited from New York City, Chicago, Brooklyn, Havana, Glasgow, Paris, Bordeaux, London, Vancouver, Hamilton, and Toronto.