The ideas I paint are simple, direct, immediate, everything but obvious. Breaking things down to the level of simple only places me at the threshold of posibilities of seeing the obvious, of seeing what is there to be seen, of seeing something as it is, and even then I cannot escape myself and my particular way of seeing which then become the paintings themselves.
In 79′ we began to explore the possibilities of watercolour on arches paper. In 06′ we  made a lateral move painting watercolour directly on gessoed birch panel. Over the last year, we began to make our own acrylics & work acrylics on gessoed birch panel. All along, the focus, is a fresh original dialogue on the Canadian landscape, where the emphasis is on the process of discovery: that is, the creative interpretation of some aspect of the world – being coupled with a second process; namely, that of inventiveness – the personal expression of what is discovered. MZ/WJC