LAURIE DE CAMILLIS osa sca        

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I am always looking at nature, looking for that glimpse, the one that makes the heart flutter, the one that lets you see the world differently, like seeing the dark cool wet greens of growth that smell of decay and nourishment at the same time, or seeing a reflection of a tree that dives deeper than the shallow pool will ever know.  It is this paradox that attracts me. I like my paintings to be individual but respectful of the original image, like the moment itself, a portrait of that subject whether a tree, a ski hill or a barn.  The subject carries in it the lifetime it has possessed, its own history.  The composition reveals its relationships.  The light and texture place it in time. 
I feel each brush stroke should have its place and, whether small or large, it should be equally important to the final outcome.  The space left between the brush strokes gives it energy and keeps it from becoming just an illusion of reality.  Like music or mathematics the painting must gain a life of its own.

After graduating with honours from the Vancouver School of Art, Laurie lectured at the school now known as Emily Carr University and went on to teach at the Banff Centre and for the Federation of Canadian Artists. She participated in several museum exhibitions, and has shown widely in Canada and the US both in group and solo exhibitions. Recently, with the Canadian Art Collective, Laurie exhibited in New York City and at the Boston International Fine Art Show in Boston. The American Art Collector magazine highlighted Laurie in their “Art Lover’s Guide to Collecting Fine Art in Canada” October 2012.