Six Canadian painters brought together by colour, the love of paint and the place we live in, whether urban, rural or wilderness.  These artists have honed their skills and developed their personal styles over years of professional work and exhibitions. The paintings are sensual with texture and colour ranging from the bold expressionistic brushstrokes of Stewart Jones to the silken strokes and subtle colour by Peter Rotter.  David Lidbetter's sophisticated and mysterious application defies analysis.  While Laurie De Camillis applies with bold directness only what is necessary.  Using thinned oils and a delicate application Julie Desmarais manages to create light that resonates from somewhere within the canvas and Micheal Zarowsky pushes toward abstraction. With the use of a special technique he has invented, he uses a watercolour/acrylic combination on prepared birch panels.  These artists have dedicated themselves to observing the continuing and evolving relationship we have with our environment.
Congratulations to Micheal Zarowsky for winning the Zedlmayer-Katz Award
and to
Laurie De Camillis for winning the Zora Buchanan Award of Merit
at the Exhibition NEXT 2015 at The Arts & Letters Club of Toronto
The American Art Collector magazine featured the Canadian Art Collective in their “Art Lover’s Guide to Collecting Fine Art in Canada” October Issue 2012 page 84.